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Produced an directed by Nicola Zubler and Annie Inglis 



The main goal of any wedding is to try and make it as memorable and happy as possible for the bride, groom, and their friends and family.

However, in Maggie’s Getting Married by Canadian funny man Norm Foster, we get a glimpse at some real feelings that prelude the big day, and they are not all joyous and rosy like we are always led to believe.

Set entirely in the kitchen of the Duncan family home the night before Maggie Duncan’s wedding to Russell , everyone has gathered there after the rehearsal dinner for one last celebration before the big day


We first meet Maggie and her older sister Wanda, who has come from out of town for the wedding, and they are catching up as sisters do. However, it’s clear the two could not be more different in personality, which has played a significant role in their pasts


While Maggie is smart, cute and reserved, Wanda is outgoing, witty and beautiful, and throughout their lives Maggie has always felt overshadowed by her sister’s big personality and sparkling looks. To enhance that fact, Wanda has stolen the few boyfriends Maggie ever had.

Nonetheless, the two girls are close, despite Maggie half-jokingly telling Wanda that she does not want her to meet her groom, who is running late because of work. Joke or not, it is clear there is some hesitation among the optimism.

With the party going on just outside the kitchen, we soon meet their mother Cass, and their dad, Tom, who are coming in and out to refresh drinks and food, and check in with their kids, who they notice are chatting.

Eventually, the kitchen becomes the hub where everyone takes their turn having interactions, and through different sets of conversations, we are privy to some funny and honest talks that reveal insights on how everyone is really feeling about the big day.


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